“I’m kinder and less judgemental towards myself.”

“I’m very impressed about how much calmer the course has made me.”

“I feel more hopeful that I can be happy in the future, whatever life brings.”


“All the practices are things I can do outside the class and they're all helpful.”


“What I have learnt from the course and the practices has helped me to get through some difficult and stressful times in the past two months - I could notice the day-to-day practice of mindfulness slowly help me increase my overall energy level, alertness at work and nourish my mind in general.”


“Joining the course has been a very meaningful and insightful experience.”


"Since doing the course, my breathing has changed. I give myself time to let thoughts come in and go out of my mind. I look after myself more and am not trying to sort things out for everyone else. There is more of a balance."


"The course taught me how to be calmer and more peaceful. It gave me ways to achieve this."


"I learnt to be more loving and kind to everyone."

"Since doing the course, I’ve noticed increased energy levels and increased motivation in life."

"The course gave me practices to reduce stress and face challenges and difficulties in my life."

"I’m less harsh on myself. I’m less judgemental."


"Thank you for such a beautiful course. I really liked the mix of practices, reflection, poetry and support."


"It was delivered with real warmth and sincerity."


"I have learnt to pause and stop, how everything can be mindful. I also learnt how to listen and not to judge myself and others so harshly."


"I’m finding it easier to identify states of anxiety, label them, and to soften my attitude towards them."