What is MBCT

MBCT combines ancient wisdom meditation practices and 21st century science to help you overcome depression, anxiety and stress by simply learning new ways to respond to your thoughts and feelings. 

It takes the form of 8 weekly classes, plus an all-day session held at around week 6.

MBCT is a non-religious course and is suitable for people from all faiths and none.

Does it work?

MBCT has been tested and proven effective in clinical trials throughout the world.

The UK National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) has endorsed MBCT as an effective treatment for prevention of depression relapse.

Scientific research has shown a range of benefits associated with participation in both MBSR and MBCT courses including:

Reduced stress

Enhanced capacity to manage anxiety

Sharpened attention & concentration 

Deeper sense of calm & peace

Increased enthusiasm & energy levels

Improved mood regulation 

Increased self confidence

Enhanced capacity for acceptance

More information

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Next 8 week MBCT course 

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Course Schedule

Weekly 2hr group sessions for 8 weeks and one day-long retreat.


There is a set of audio files to accompany the programme, which you are encouraged to use to practise on your own once a day, six days a week. This forms an important part of the programme. In the classes, there is an opportunity to talk about your experiences with the practices and the obstacles that inevitably arise. An experienced mindfulness teacher will support you to find ways to deal with any difficulties skilfully and to gradually integrate the practice into your life in a way the works for you.    


Kara Woods and Tan Phuong


Friends Meeting House, 8 Hop Gardens, Covent Garden London, WC2N 4EH 



Includes: home practice audio files, course information folder and home practice worksheets, 30 hours of face to face teaching and guidance and 9 weeks of teacher support outside of taught sessions  

Some concessions available - please enquire


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What clinicians say about MBCT

I consider MBCT to be an effective means of preventing and treating depression and enhancing emotional wellbeing.   

Andrew Weil, MD, author of 8 Weeks to Optimum Health and Spontaneous Happiness