8 WEEK MBSR and MBCT One-to-One 

We also offer both the 8 week MBCT and MBSR courses on a one-to-one basis. This format can be helpful for those who are unable to attend a group training programme for one reason or another. The main benefit of one-to-one tuition is that an experienced mindfulness teacher can tailor the course to meet your needs and can offer you more individual support.


The courses are taught as 10 x 50 minute sessions over 10 weeks. These sessions can be in person or over zoom or telephone. Prior to committing to the full course, we recommend that you have an initial orientation session with an experienced teacher. This is an opportunity for you to gain an overview of what mindfulness is within the MBCT / MBSR course framework and to try a few practices. It is also an opportunity to meet the teacher and to discuss if working in this way is going to be helpful for you.  


As with the group courses, daily practice forms a primary mode of learning and you will be encouraged to set aside an hour a day for the formal meditation practice, listening and practising with audio files and integrating mindfulness into your daily life.

It is not a good idea to begin a mindfulness training course if you are currently experiencing severe depression or very challenging life events such that you are not able to commit to regular practice.   

One-to-one sessions for MBSR and MBCT graduates

The sessions are 50 minutes and include a guided meditation and reflection on practice. They can help you keep your practice alive and deal with any difficulties that you may be experiencing.  They are usually offered via zoom or telephone. Sessions can also be arranged in person.


All one-to-one sessions are arranged individually at a mutually agreeable time.  8 week MBCT or MBSR courses are at the same time each week for the 10 consecutive weeks



A. Initial introductory session - 50 minutes

  • In person at London Bridge £70

  • By telephone or zoom £70


B. 8 week MBCT or MBSR Course


  • 10 x 50 minute weekly personal sessions

  • A home practice guidebook

  • Set of guided meditations audio files

  • Teacher support between sessions


  • In person at London Bridge £700

  • By telephone or zoom £700

C. One-to-one sessions for MBSR and MBCT graduates

In person at London Bridge £70

Via zoom or telephone £70

Need more information?

You are welcome to contact us with any questions or to arrange an initial call with an experienced teacher at no cost.  Please email Kara at info@centrespace.org